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Robert Moore

Film Editor




2010                                                   Channel                 Producer                                                                                                                  

Panorama:  British Schools, Islamic Rules?

BBC 1    1 x 30’              Leo Telling

Panorama:  What Have the Drugs Done to Dad?         BBC 1    1 x 30’              Claire Burnett /

Angie Mason

Panorama:  Are You Paying Too Much Tax?                 BBC 1    1 x 30’              Judith Ahern

(for Nine Lives Media)

The End of God?:

A Horizon Guide to Science and Religion                     BBC 4     1 x 60’           Naomi Law

Panorama:  Wills – The Final Rip-Off?                           BBC 1    1 x 30’              Stephen Scott

How to Beat Tough Times: Moneywatch                     BBC 1    1 x 60’              Joanna Burge

(edited packages for Presenter led programme)

Panorama:  The Cuts – Can You Fight Back?               BBC 1    1 x 30’              Catherine Bennett

The People’s Politician                                                 BBC 2     1 x 60’           Tristan Quinn

Generation Jihad – Ep.3  (Bafta nominated)                BBC 2    1 x 60’              John Thynne



2009                                                  Channel                 Producer                                                                                                                  

Panorama:  The Truth about Spending Cuts               BBC 1    1 x 30’              Patrick Barrie

Storyville – How the Beatles Rocked the Kremlin        BBC 4     1 x 60’           Leslie Woodhead

(for Blakeway)

Panorama:  A Very Dangerous Doctor                         BBC 1    1 x 30’              Stephen Scott

Panorama:  The Six Billion Dollar Man                          BBC 1    1 x 30’              Howard Bradburn

Who’s Watching You?                                                 BBC 2    1 x 60’              Tristan Quinn




Panorama – Britain’s Terror Heartland                         BBC 1    1 x 30’              Nik Millard

History of Modern Britain – (re-versioning)                 DVD       5 x 60’              Fatima Salaria /

Chris Granlund

Dom’s on the Case..of Hospital Charges                     BBC 1     1 x 30’           Lucy Wilmore

The Conspiracy Files – Tower 7                                   BBC 2    1 x 60’              James Giles

The Poles are Coming!                                                BBC 2    1 x 60’              Tom Giles




Windscale – Britain’s Biggest Nuclear Disaster            BBC 2    1 x 90’              Paul Dwyer,

David Belton

Panorama:  Heroes of 21/7                                         BBC 1     1 x 30’             Judith Ahern

Andrew Marr’s History of Modern Britain – Ep. 5         BBC 2     1 x 60’           Tom Giles,

(Bafta and RTS award-winning series)                                                              Chris Granlund


Panorama:  A Good Kicking                                         BBC 1     1 x 30’             Arlen Harris

Ware on……Transport – Episodes 2 and 4                   BBC 2     2 x 30’             Chris Woods,

Leo Telling


Blair, the Inside Story– Episode 2

–  A Michael Cockerell Profile                              BBC 2    1 x 60’              Adam Grimley


Storyville:  Godless in America                                   BBC 4     1 x 60’             Leslie Woodhead

(for October films)


Details of recent productions:


Panorama:  British Schools, Islamic Rules?              TX: 22-11-2010  BBC1

Panorama:  Are You Paying Too Much Tax?               TX: 08-11-2010  BBC1



The End of God?:

A Horizon Guide to Science and Religion                  TX: 21-09-2010  BBC4




Panorama:  Wills – The Final Rip-Off?                         TX: 09-08-2010  BBC1




How to Beat Tough Times: Moneywatch                  TX: 06-07-2010  BBC2

Programme 1: Earning It




Panorama:  The Cuts – Can You Fight Back?             TX: 17-05-2010  BBC1

As the cuts start to bite Shelly Jofre looks at the fight to save frontline services, as councils across the country have to tighten their budgets. We meet the people who’ve taken to the streets to protest at the cuts, and talk to those who’ve decided

to just run the services for themselves.

The People’s Politician                                              TX: 18-3-2010  BBC2

After a shocking year for relations between people and politicians, Tim Samuels challenges two retiring MPs, Ann Widdecombe and Richard Caborn, to heal the rift between them and the 17 million people who didn’t vote at the last election.

Together with six other retiring MPs, they talk candidly about life inside the Westminster bubble.



Generation Jihad – Ep.3  (Bafta nominated)              TX: 08-02-2010  BBC2

Peter Taylor investigates what Britain is doing to counter the threat of violent extremism, and how those policies risk alienating many in Britain’s Muslim communities. With unique access to a man who came face to face with Al-Qa’idah and the inside story of how police managed to thwart would-be suicide bombers, the programme examines the biggest single threat to national security.








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